Uncategorized March 10, 2017

Avoid “The Garth”

You have a someone on the phone making a reservation for a group of people they want to impress. They have this dream image of how the night will turn out, and how many compliments they will get on the accommodations. They start suggesting certain allowances such as “limited wine selection” to show off their taste in wine. They ask if we can offer a “limited menu” geared towards the type of food his guests would like, to impress the guests with their knowledge of food and taste.

This is called “The Garth” or “Pulling a Garth” or even “Garthing”

Designing an event to represent ones own tastes with the assumption their guests will be impressed more than what the restaurant already caters to.

What you need to do is stop this immediately. The only outcome will be that the guests will experience your restaurant in a way that you have not intended the experience to be, and it will be negative.

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