About Us

Our Approach

You’ve been around the block & so have we. We feel your pain, your joy, the passion, the angst, the glory and guts of working in an industry that eats you up and spits you out looking like you were banged up and left for dead. We get that. Let’s rock this.

Our Story

We all still work in the industry. Our thought was “we should create something that is relevant to our fellow co-workers”. We want to make your jobs more fun.

Meet the Team

We sort of rock. Y’all are way cooler than us though. Damn this industry is fun!


Craig Romanoff

Founder & CEO

Over 25 years working in the depths of the restaurant industry.From dishwasher to tax accountant. 


Tucker Vermouth


He wears rabbit fur hats in the hot tub.


Vincent Mangold


Always Researching & Developing.

Contact us for inquiries about the restaurant industry, and how to be more awesome.