Tools Of The Trade April 18, 2017

A Wine Key is a Part of Your Uniform

Every server with experience has a drill they do before they show up for a shift. Servers have many unseen parts of their uniform that become a standard for them as they learn the ropes.

Black shirt? Check. Black socks? Check. Black pants? Check. Black shoes? Check. Apron? Check. A few good pens? Check. Lighter? Check. Amanda’s phone number for after work? Check.


Wine key? Check!

If a guest orders an $85 bottle of Bordeaux, and you realize you don’t have a wine key with you; get ready to get the stink eye from a fellow server. If your manager finds out, just punch out and go home. Pick up an application at Denny’s the next morning.

To me, there is 1 wine key that rules them all. The Pull Tap wine key. It has a 2 step system, isn’t overly complicated, and just works. Don’t get any gimmicky piece of crap from your local wine shop or from your Mom’s sister’s kitchen counter.

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